About Us

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We own and control the entire manufacturing process from development and testing, to production and packaging. Our facilities are held to the highest standards of Korean and US skincare and we are staffed with some of the best chemists and engineers within the K-beauty industry. 

Healthy skin is a lifestyle.

La Florelle is the lifestyle beauty brand for everyone and embodies the belief that we all have the potential to bloom. We strongly believe every flower is beautiful due to its diversity, regardless of color, size, shape and fragrance. Each flower has its own story and meaning which speaks to us. Just like flowers differ, our diverse backgrounds and personalities are what makes us unique and beautiful. 

True to its name, La Florelle is here to help you realize your best self and help your skin blossom! With carefully curated and naturally driven skin recovering ingredients, we created La Florelle to spread love amongst our communities and to promote healthier, youthful skin.

Afterall, healthy skin is not a trend, but a lifestyle. 

Making an Impact

La Florelle is a female owned business and we are committed to empowering our communities and donating a portion of profits to the foundations that fight for social injustice as well as other social causes.

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La Florelle Korea

La Florelle is a global brand and you can meet our products in South Korea and Japan! Do you want to visit La Florelle Korea?